Bitcoin Address Received/Balance values differ from one explorer to another

Recently I’ve been looking into experimenting with querying the blockchain. I am running bitcoin-core, full node locally and updated.

I am mainly interested in querying watch-only addresses, each address is saved under a unique label (one to one). After rescanning, I try to query a randomly chosen address with "getreceivedbyaddress" (in this case: 367f4YWz1VCFaqBqwbTrzwi2b1h2U3w1AF )

bitcoin-cli displays a value of approx. 171,500 BTC displays the same value as the bitcoin-cli and display nearly the same value — 33,000 BTC (which could be due to latency issues)

I would like to know if this is an issue from my end or if there’s something I do not understand.

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