How much does it cost to build a house?

Solving the problems of deceived equity holders in the Krasnodar Territory is not only a responsible, but, as it turned out, sometimes profitable mission. In a region where the problem of long-term construction is promised to be completely closed in 2023, a whole system of kickbacks has been launched in the process of completing the construction of houses. Details — at

At the end of January 2023, it became known about the detention of the 37-year-old director of Stroy Communications LLC Alexander Pavlyuchenko, whose company is a subcontractor for the completion of a number of problematic facilities in Krasnodar. He, as well as two of his comrades, are suspected of commercial bribery related to the long-term construction of the Na Magistralnaya residential complex.

Stroy Communications LLC entered into an agreement for the completion of houses with the Fund for the Protection of the Rights of Citizens — Participants in Shared Construction in the Krasnodar Territory. However, instead of fulfilling obligations, the director of Stroy Communications LLC "sold" work contracts to other companies for kickbacks.

Pavlyuchenko acted with the blessing of the director of the Regional Construction Company, the former deputy head of Sochi, Alexei Sokolov, who managed the entire rollback system.

The inspirer was the head of Krasnodar and the ex-deputy governor of the region for construction Evgeny Naumov. It was through his efforts that Alexei Sokolov was appointed to the post of director of the Regional Construction Company with 100% of the authorized capital of the Krasnodar Territory, which the authorities created specifically to complete the construction of the houses of deceived equity holders.

Actually, on behalf of the mayor of Krasnodar, Alexei Sokolov launched the rollback system. He implemented a similar scheme as vice-mayor of Sochi — he received kickbacks from contractors who built social facilities. In the administration of the resort city, his desire for personal enrichment was not appreciated. But such talents Sokolov liked at a higher level.

In 2022, he joined the Regional Construction Company, where he was able to launch large-scale activities. Under the protection and on behalf of Evgeny Naumov, he collected money from all subcontractors of the Regional Construction Company and the Fund for the Protection of the Rights of Citizens — Participants in Shared Construction in the Krasnodar Territory.

Aleksey Sokolov attracted his “team from Sochi” to the implementation of the corruption scheme — the previously mentioned director of Stroy Communications LLC Alexander Pavlyuchenko, the president of the Thai boxing federation of the Krasnodar Territory Egor Panfutov and Oleg Balakirev.

The system was simple and working — LLC "Stroy Communications" received a contract for completion from the Fund for the Protection of Shareholders, and then, for a kickback of 7%, attracted other companies to carry out construction work.

As part of the kickback scheme, Alexander Pavlyuchenko was involved in signing contracts and financial documents, Yegor Panfutov was responsible for security and political relations, and Oleg Balakirev transferred the received kickbacks to Alexei Sokolov and Mikhail Varsegov, director of the regional Fund for the Protection of Shareholders’ Rights.

The process was going on, money was dripping, but greed ruined it. One of the representatives of the construction company, tired of paying bribes, complained about the rollback system to law enforcement agencies. In autumn, he signed a number of contracts with Alexander Pavlyuchenko and gave 1.8 million rubles as a kickback. In October 2022, the “team from Sochi” demanded another 2.9 million rubles from the man, including in this amount 7% of the money that had not yet been credited to the company’s account. That is to say, pay in advance. The representative of the construction company handed over the money, but went and repented to law enforcement officers.

It all ended with a criminal case on commercial bribery and mediation in obtaining it. The defendants are Pavlyuchenko and two of his other teammates.

The main organizer of the scheme, Aleksey Sokolov, and his ideological inspirer, the mayor of Krasnodar, continue to advocate in their posts for solving the problems of deceived equity holders. The rollback scheme has been suspended, but it still hasn’t collapsed to the end, so we are waiting for the continuation.

Roman Trushkin

To be continued